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NEXX Car Rental Partnership Program

Standard Vehicle Requirements:

We do not accept cars that do not meet the above requirements. We suggest that interested applicants may get their cars ready before applying to be a partner with NEXX Car Rental.

Document requirements for new partners (in copy):

Vehicle Accidents, Claims, and Maintenance/Repairs

Owner must be present to assist in regards to insurance claims for major accidents caused by customers, theft, or natural disasters. NCD discount amount will be reimbursed to the owner for the following year's insurance renewal. For minor damages such as paint chips, scratches, body dents, broken headlights or tail-lights, cracked windshields and any other exterior cosmetic damages, are claimed from the responsible party.

Internal damages such as those to the engine, gearbox, radiator, fuel pump, gasket, wiring, and any other internal component damages caused by wear & tear are not covered by NEXX Car Rental. In these cases, the host will be responsible for the repairs in order to continue the partnership agreement.

Return of Vehicle & Partnership Termination

Our agreement offers a high level of flexibility, allowing either party to cancel at any time without incurring penalties. However, it is important to provide NEXX Car Rental a minimum 30-days in advance notice of termination and all necessary procedures of vehicle return will be carried out accordingly.

Regarding termination, it is essential to note that NEXX Car Rental reserves the right to terminate any partnership agreement without prior notice or the obligation to provide a reason. This clause allows NEXX Car Rental to exercise its discretion in ending a partnership if necessary.

Join Us and Start Earning Immediately!

Fill up the partnership application form and join our ever expanding team today!

A. Profit Sharing - Owner 50% | NEXX 50%

Loan, Insurance & Roadtax:


Basic Service Cost:


All payouts are made within the 1st week of every month.

Operations & Marketing Cost:


Monthly Sales & Data Report:



Car rental monthly sales report update for all of our partners.

Sales Report Extra Income


Why sit your car when you can rent it out and earn some extra income?


Have the flexibility to opt out of the partnership program anytime without being penalized.



Monitor sales performance and vehicle maintenance.



All cars are taken care by the owners of NEXX Car Rental, not even the staff.


Owners get to access full vehicle report and data.

Transparency Car Custody

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