Car Rental Insurance, CDW, LDW

Vehicle Insurance

Renter’s Excess Liabilities:

We are entitled to charge from the renter not more than the amount stated below and Insurance will cover any amount greater than the stated amount below shall be bared by the car insurance :

Excess Amount:

Additional Insurance:

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) &  Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)

                + RM20 - RM50 per day

                Reduced excess amount: RM1000

                + RM30 - RM90 per day

                Reduced excess amount: RM2000

                +RM100 - RM500 per day

                Reduced excess amount: RM7500

Car Rental Insurance Policy

Deposit Refund Policy:

This applies to all types of vehicle and to make sure that there are no summons issued to the car during the entire rental period)

Please do not drive with high speed on a rental vehicle as it will damage the internal component, wear and tear of the vehicle. Renter must always obey the driving speed limit law implemented by the Malaysian Road and Transport Ministry.

If a renter is detected speeding (above 110km/hour) with the rental car, we are entitled to forfeit the full deposit amount if necessary to the company and may request the renter to pay additional security deposit fee in cash or bank transfer upon returning the car rental, incase of any summons are issued during the car rental period.

Car Rental Security Deposit


No Driver’s License, Expired Driver’s License,

Third Party or Insufficient Documentation.

Car Rental Unlimited Mileage

Unlimited Mileage:

                1 day rentals.

Car rental customers are NOT ALLOWED to take the rental car outside Malaysia e.g Thailand, Singapore, etc or locations prohibited by and without the consent of the company.

Accidents & Repairs:

Whether it is renter’s negligence or third party negligence. The renter is obliged to report to the company immediately after the accident. It is important they secure the names and address of all witnesses as well as the registration number of all vehicles involved in the accident.

The renter is RESPONSIBLE for all costs of repair from any collision or damage done to the vehicle stated in the contract.

Estimation of repair cost:

Per Lamp: RM300 - RM2000

Per Dent: RM400 - RM1500

Per Scratch: RM200 - RM500

Per Tyre: RM200 - RM600

Dirty Seats: RM120 - 200

Repair cost varies depending on

the car type and model.

NEXX Car Rental may recall the vehicle during a rental for any urgent service and repairs. Another vehicle will be replace for the downtime.

The approved list is as follows:

Driving in Malaysia:

Foreign-country licensees are allowed to drive in the country as long as the foreign domestic driver's license is valid and carry the translation of the license in English or Bahasa Malaysia.

Car Rental Requirements

Car Renter’s Requirements (Compulsory):

Malaysian Citizen:

International Citizen:

*We may request for additional documents for certain range of vehicles.

Submit document by photo via email or whatsapp to +6010 562 1195.

NEXX Car Rental Terms & Conditions

Car Rental CDW and LDW

Reservation & Payment and Cancellation Policy:

100% Advance Payment

Payment info will be sent via whatsapp once a reservation is received.

Payment Options:

Security Deposit:

           Cancellation Policy

                holidays/festive season/early returns:


Cancellations done 14 days from rental date shall be refunded in full total amount.

Cancellations done within 14 days from rental date:


Car Rental Reservation PolicyCar Rental Cancellation Policy

Care and Custody of Rental Vehicle:

The renter shall only drive the rental car while qualified to do so or by the person who have been authorized in the contract. Renters are not allowed to let any third parties to use the rental car for any purposes without the company’s authorization.

Warranties by YOU:

Driving Speed Limit:


Care and Custody of Car Rental

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