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We are a small and professional car rental service company that caters to international and local travelers visiting Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, offering the best competitive car rental rates and a fuss-free customer experience at the most popular travel destinations in Kuala Lumpur.

We provide car rental delivery service across the Klang Valley region, including Kuala Lumpur International Airport Terminal 1 & 2 (KLIA) and Selangor, bringing you the convenience right in front of your doorstep. Nationwide delivery and returns are available with terms apply.

Customer Service & Quality Assurance

NEXX Car Rental possesses a young and well-maintained fleet. When we hand over cars to our customers, we have confidence that our car is up to the highest standards. You are paying for not just our rental vehicles but our service and quality too!

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Driven By Service

The NEXX Car Rental team is dedicated to our customers as we believe in excellent service and a hassle-free customer experience.

Run By Owners

NEXX Car Rental is run by its very own founder. When you are dealing with us, you are essentially dealing with the founders of this humble business whose best interests are to take care of our customers.

Team’s Core Values

“We are made out of Honesty, Integrity, Reliability, Punctuality and Responsibility.”


Economy Car Rental

Discover Kuala Lumpur's beauty in our eco-friendly rental cars for an authentic and memorable adventure!

Economy Car Rental
Customer Review 16

3 days ago

Wan Lee

Very friendly staff and efficient!  We booked last minute and got the car!!


Customer Review 15

16 weeks ago

Chris Fleming

Rented a car with a friend for a short roadd trip and it gave us no problems!


Customer Review 14

6 days ago

Hakeem Shah

We rented a very spacious Fortuner and service provided was professional too!


Customer Review 13

1 week ago

Magherita Susan

Very friendly staff and car delivered was cleaned. my 3rd time renting from them.


Customer Review 12

2 days ago

Kareem Bashir

Received the new car as promised by them. Staff was very friendly and nice!


Customer Review 11

12 days ago

Sarah Zaihan

Thank you for the amazing car Nexx Car Rental! Will definitely rent from you again!


Customer Review 10

8 weeks ago

Irdina Yanti

Kereta yg murah dgn  staf yg baik hati sbb sudi menghantar kereta jauh kepada sye.


Customer Review 9

17 days ago

Constatine Abouwe

Rented a suv for 2 months and it gave no problems.. I will rent again. Thanks!


Customer Review 8

5 days ago

George Kakar

I was impressed by their staff’s professionalism during and after service.


Customer Review 7

7 days ago

Ahmad Zaharul

I will recommend any Singaporean visiting KL to use this company. very good service!


Customer Review 6

3 days ago

Sven & Zara

Booking process was a breeze and car handover was done quickly too! 5 Stars!


Customer Review 5

3 weeks ago

Paul Atkinson

Easy, fast and Malaysian-styled car rental. Prices are competitive compared to others.


Customer Review 4

9 days ago

Adrian Leong

I am glad that I found Nexx!! Booking process was so smooth and friendly staff!!


Customer Review 3

1 week ago

Salim Hishamudin

Reliable service and staff. 👍 delivery waso n time as well. Would rent again.


Customer Review 2

2 days ago

Abdul Hameed

Superb service and car provided was in pristine condition.


Customer Review 1

7 weeks ago

Japheth Eng

Good flexible service! Would recommend anyone needing a car in Kuala Lumpur.


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Verified Customer Reviews

18 weeks ago

Umar Dzulkarnain

 👍 Quick last minute delivery by their staff which is really efficient. Will rent again, thanks…


16 weeks ago

Alejandro Kikuchi

Rented cars from the two times already. Will keep on doing it! 👍 👍 👍


25 weeks ago

Leah XxLeahtheprosingerxX

Prompt delivery, car comes in clean & satisfactory condition. Driver was friendly and helpful tio.


7 weeks ago

Rolf Smulders

Good flexible service! Would recommend when needing a car in Malaysia.


9 weeks ago

Amirul Mukhtar

Kereta sewa servis yg mmg mantul. cepat dan harga pun murah. 👍


7 weeks ago

Nissa Anuar

Really good service! Recommended! 👍


6 weeks ago

Fahroe Ibrahim

Fast response and easy to deal. Recommended if you need urgent car for rental.


6 weeks ago

Alice Koh

Good service, reasonable and cheap price. The staff are so helpful and quick response. Nice car and wide range selection. Definitely use again next time !


Customer Reviews

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